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Call us: +371 28202021/Skarnu street 9, Riga


Our club is one of the few entertainment places in Riga where guests doesn't feel as customers, but as friends and members of the Club. MAKE RESERVATION & GET FREE TRANSFER IN RIGA

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Visit us and get Tuborg (0.33) as Welcome Drink

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+371 28202021

Riga, Old Town, 9 Skarnu Street.

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Or come on over to the club and get 50% discount by saying the password „blowclubs.com”

The Best

Top Drinks

These guys doesn't need an introduction. We all know em

Corona Extra

Beer starting from 3 Eur

    111322_logoff_68x47kiosk_v2_cropped_72 (Custom)

    Sauza Gold

    Tequila starting from 3 Eur


      Captain Morgan

      Rum starting from 3 Eur

        i192591-captain morgan spiced gold original (kapitan morgan gold) 1l

        Maybach Riesling

        Vine starting from 19 Eur



          Vodka starting from 3 Eur

            absolute (Custom)

            Jack Daniel’s Tennessee

            Whiskey starting from 3 Eur

              Jack_Daniel__s_by_queedo (Custom)

              Hennessy VSOP

              Cognac starting from 7 Eur

                hennessy-v-s-o-p-beautyshot-cognac (Custom)

                Moët & Chandon

                Champagne starting from 23 Eur

                  a-glittery-toast-moet-chandon-diamond-collection_1 (Custom) (3)

                  What we have

                  What We Have


                  and we're the best

                  Theme parties are the best! A party theme will WOW your friends. We provide creative party theme ideas that will make your event unforgettable!

                  +371 28202021
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                  Also come over and get a 50% discount with the password "blowclubs.com"

                  +371 28202021 Address: Riga, Old Town, 9 Skarnu Street.

                  Keep in touch. We take care of every aspect of our image. Is the most important thing.

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                  We remind that the transfer to the club is free of charge. Please do not use or call taxi for the transfer to avoid get driven elsewhere. Call us for more info +371 28202021